February 24, 1975- Led Zeppelin released their sixth studio album, Physical Graffiti. Led Zeppelin was an English rock band that formed in 1968 and remained active until 1980. Many consider Zeppelin as one of the most successful, innovative, and influential groups in rock history. Physical Graffiti is Zeppelin in their prime, a vast double LP that contains Led Zeppelin’s blues rock sound as well as hard rock, progressive rock, and acoustic folk. The album was released on the bands new record label Swan Song Records and consists of new material recorded in 1974 and unreleased tracks from earlier albums. Since being released it has become one of the bands more popular albums and has received many accolades. The album is included in many Greatest album ever lists. Physical Graffiti peaked at 1 on the Billboard 200, spent 6 weeks in peak position and 48 weeks on the 200 chart. Additionally it’s release saw all 5 of Zeppelins previous albums renter the Billboard chart making them the first group to have 6 albums chart at one time. It reentered the Billboard 200 in 2015 when it was rereleased, peaking at 11, it’s an impressive feat for an album that was 40 years old. It has been certified 16x platinum by the RIAA. Rolling Stone magazine ranked Physical Graffiti 70 on their list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. It is also considered a must hear album in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. - This is a 1975 pressing by Swan Song Records. Physical Graffiti is a pretty epic album, it’s grand but not over the top and it never stays in one particular music territory to long. Favorite tracks are In My Time of Dying, Houses of The Holy, Trampled Under Foot, Kashmir, Down By the Seaside, Night Flight, and Black Country Woman. Overall it’s a perfect album to wind the weekend down with. - #ledzeppelin #jimmypage #robertplant #johnpauljones #johnbonham #rock #classicrock #hardrock #progressiverock #folkrock #acousticrock #vinyl #vinylcommunity #vinylcollection #vinylporn #instavinyl #vinyljunkie #recordcollection #rydersrecordcollection #33rpm #1970s #vinyloftheday #nowspinning #releasedonthisday #recordbirthday
Real strength means putting our swords and shields down, so as to need no defense at all. In this way, we simply exist, having transcended the falsity and fragility of ego. ... We relinquish the illusion and shackles of control, and are left with no other choice but to operate vulnerably and authentically. ... Without our self story in the way, we can finally connect with others. Only then we become something far more fierce and indestructible than any defense - and that is love itself. ... The greatest feat of all.
"Sometimes the greatest way to say something Is to say nothing at all" ? Say Something by @justintimberlake feat @chrisstapleton #MusicThoughts #Thoughts #Empatia #Empathy #SaySomething #JustinTimberlake #ChrisStapleton #Music #LifeStyle #Peace #BeYourself